Thursday, March 11, 2010

Egg total 2010.....46 - Chook flicks in the garden today.

I managed to get some time in the lean-to, sowing some broad beans into pots - I got bored after 30 so put the rest of them in the garden   It will be 50/50 if any of them grow as I didn't really plant them but just put them along the fence and threw over some compost.  I have more broad bean seeds as 'extras' for up the allotment in case any get eaten by 'pests' up there.
Out and about today - the bantams of course HERE

I have been exceedingly organized and made a spread sheet of all my seeds - and have way too many as usual!  I really should have checked my fridge in the garage where I store them before being tempted into buying some more on the internet.  I had decided not to grow as much up the lottie this year - but may have to now - he he.  At least if I grow lots of squash up there it will act as a weed suppressant. 

I really had hoped to get up there today, but it didn't work out that way - too many pressing jobs here - plus the weather was frrrreeeeezing and windy, and I still feel a little jaded after all the gardening I have been doing - plus 'other stuff'.

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  1. What a treat on a Sunday morn - to see the live action chooks and to hear your voice talking to them. Lovely!!!


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