Saturday, April 10, 2010

Allotment Diary - Me 19. He 19. Eggs too many to keep count!

I was determined to get the rest of the potatoes in today - but first....
The pigeons have been tugging at my onions and shallots

It looks ugly - but I just had to cover some of them up to protect them until they can get their little roots secure into the ground - so it's only temporary

The earlies we planted are tucked in safely, and the fruit bushes behind them have all greened up.

I have planted Romana on this spare piece of ground in the fruit cage

Patrick had dug out the weeds at the top and the rest of the area I had covered over for two years
So I ran the rotorvator over it  to loosen it up and then dug trenches and added lots of well rotted manure

Romano was planted in the fruit area and in here

Last year in here I grew sunflowers along the fence,
Courgettes, and squash.  Climbing beans and green manured any gaps

On the right I am still using up leeks and parsnips

I dug over this bed which held the pumpkins so it's really rich with manure - and planted one of my favourite main crop potatoes - Cara - which we are still eating now at home.

We hope to return tomorrow to mow the lawns and paths, and I have some little broad bean plants ready to go out too.


  1. Flippin' 'eck you two - you put us normal folk to shame with the amount of work you do!!

    Amazing work, just makes me want to go dig up our little plot...

    ...well sort of anyway!


  2. So productive!
    That soil is much improved too.

    Sandie xx


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