Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Allotment hours: Me:6 He:6 2010 Eggs:52

Rather reluctantly I managed to get Patrick up the allotment on the pretext that it would be for only half a hour.  He'll believe anything I say!
The idea was to just cover over this bed.  It had the spuds in it last year
I can't manage to grow as much as I used too as I have to stay out of the sun
So rather than give up any more of my plot, this is a compromise.

I know it is not a pretty sight - but trust me, it is far prettier than dock weeds

You may wonder why I am not using a green manure on this bed.
Firstly, the 'thug' weeds will not be suppressed by the green manure, so I only use it on small beds

This area was beautiful last summer.  I grew pea and mange tout, onion, shallots, beetroot and carrots as well as all my brassicas (the remainder of which I need to did up)
I will now dig up over and re-design it.  I need to fence everything to deter the rabbits and deer.

This bed had the sweetcorn, drawf beans, and courgettes.
This will be dug over and used for potatoes.

This area was covered over last autumn - its will be lovely to dig over

I have taken up the raised beds which were here in front of the fenced off bed.  I grew pumpkins here

I put barrow loads of rich rotted manure on here last year and it is now perfect for potatoes.

This had green manure on the bare spaces last year, and I also packed it with courgettes, sunflowers, leeks, parsnips, and onions, runner beans, and Cherokee Trail of Tears.

I have removed the winter cover, repaired the bean frame and am ready to dig this over
It might all look a bit untidy to  your eyes  - but it is a very big plot and as well as being 250ft long it is 33ft wide.  And compared to the other plots it is really tidy.
Until that was

My next door neighbour had his plot ploughed by his son - all the mess and the weeds gone in half an hour at most!  I dig all my perennial weeds out, have done for years - and it does keep them under better control.  We were the only ones up the field - but spent a very industrious two and a halfs in the freezing cold wins - but it was so worth it.

My banties as usual spent the whole day outside.  Each day they get fresh water - but they choose to drink out of the bird baths!  Typical!


  1. I can't wait to see the magic you make in that earth. I love to watch your garden grow.

  2. Wow, that is one huge plot. The one I had was half the size. I look forward to seeing the fruits and vegetables of your labour.

    Also thank you so much for the offer of the seeds and Cherokee of tear, which I would be really tempted to take from you, but I don't know how well they would so in the Scottish environment. I really appreciate your kindness, but I do think I have plenty of seeds for my plot. The only things I needs to pick up are golden courgettes and lettuces, but otherwise I'm fine. Thank you so much.


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