Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enjoying the fruits of our labour............

We have been working up the allotment and have also had lots of visitors, so no time at the present to write about our efforts.

But I am making time for this quick post to whet  your appetites

A very quick and easy tasty meal with veggie produce from our allotment.
Salmon fillets from a local fish farm diced up into chunks.
Fresh runner beans, and tomatoes.

 Drizzle over rapeseed oil or olive oil and toss gently  to coat.
Heat oven to 22c fan oven or 425f or Gas 7
Cooking time approx 15 minutes
All the flavours mix and it sure tastes yummy

In fact it was so yummy scrumptious that I made a similar concoction yesterday to slow cook whilst we were up the allotment.

Using runner beans, tomatoes, onions, freshly dug, and washed potatoes with skins on cut into cubes, and chicken cut into cubes/diced.
Chicken seasoning, a little bit of black pepper, and oils as before.
This time I lined the tin with non stick paper,  and made a sealed parcel of all the goodies.
I cooked in for 2 hours on 170f in my little oven that's also the grill.

It was really tasty, the potatoes had soaked up the all juices and we soft and juicy with a roasted texture.  

No photos sadly as we were ravenous and shattered after the 3 hours hard labour  - more of that tomorrow hopefully


  1. Looks great, nothing quite like home grown!

  2. Ooooh! Looks yummy :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  3. I'm slobbering over the pic of that dish!
    Better go eat my lunch...pilchards on toast!

    Sandie xx


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