Saturday, August 27, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 66 hrs He: 60 hrs

Well we managed to go up the allotment before the heavens opened and the day progressed with thunder and hailstones almost all of the day until around 4pm

I was determined just to make a quick visit to pick any runner beans that were ready........but.....
As usual I got distracted and we ended up weeding around the runner beans and squashes

These are the Patty and Pan are really prolific, so I must remember to plant them again next year

 Mainly pumpkins here and yellow and green round courgettes
The climbing beans, which I thought were a failure this year due to the drought - have picked up and despite losing quite a lot, I got almost a bag full today of runners, flat italian, and french beans

 These are some of the Patty Pan, the bigger ones were as big as my hand, but were still soft and tender
Out of sequence - but had to record my cabbages up the lottie - really large and I am pleased with them
I bought one strip of the seedling from Attleborough market - a bargain!

 Courgettes ready to be prepared for the roast mix I made
My first chillies went into the mix too -very very hot!

 My blackberry and boisenberry cross - second picking
These are the veggie mixed ready for the oven.
I used, all the squash and courgettes, 2 jars of Lidl roasted peppers, one whole bulb garlic smashed, three onions, all the chillies, potatoes (odds & ends of new spuds - little ones and damaged ones, the 'free' unplanted ones)   4 tins Lidl tomatoes with basil (fabulous), tube of tomato pesto - cooked for half an hour.   No room for climbing beans this time.

 Chickens queuing up to be let out at breakfast
Fresh little cabbage from garden, a bit holey! 
It tasted really really delicous. we had loads with roasted chicken wing on a breast with chicken seasoning. 

(Looks a lot more tomatoe=y in real life.  Froze 12 x 1lb bags for the freezer

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  1. Oh wow! This all looks lovely! I wish I got distracted by weeding - I go with the intention of weeding and get distracted by picking my beans :-) I love the idea of your roast mix - do you freeze it before or after it's cooked? Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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