Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

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I know that I have neglected my blogs - but truly I have been so busy with workmen here and  getting things straight.'

The garden room is now finished, and I have tidied up around the outside of it - creating  'Kath's' garden, of perennial plants which will fill out and create a lovely English Country garden show of flowers.

The wooden edging is a temporary measure until the plants fill out.  I sawed up lengths from the old gazebo we took down a while ago.
This front bed has Munstead lavender bushes, Saxifrage inbetween, and either end sunshine yellow chrysanthemums which will be a picture in September until the frosts

The lavender has just started flowering - I know the bushes look small at the moment, but they'll really take off next year.  The saxifrage will flower in the spring, and I intend to put grape hyacinth bulbs in too.

It won't be until September that I can seed the bare patches, then by next spring I'll have a lawn and it will look great.

Kath's garden looks a bit sparse at the moment with the newly planted perennials but come next year this too will be a deep bed and you won't see the wall.  There's a sea shell I popped in as Kath lives near the coast.
 I took these photos early this morning, this bed has been planted up a week or so and the plants have taken root and are beginning to put on more leaf and have flower buds.
The heleniums will form big bushy plants and have wonderful yellow and copper flowers.  They are such lovely 'happy' plants and remind me of the colours of bumble bees - which are attracted to them. 
I have the big Lobellia plants - this one is just about to flower, penstemones in all soft hues, lupins in reds, and pinks, and yellows, - this bed will look stunning next summer.
A few more views from early this morning.  The crocosmia and ice plant popped up to show me that they survived being flattened by paving slabs, bricks, and shovels full of soil - plants really are a miracle aren't they.

The photos are just a record for me to look back on next year and see the difference with a lawn!

And this was what all the 'fuss'  has been about.

Being able to sit in my garden room early in the morning 

Soon after the sun comes up - or at any time of the day
being able to just look out and relax and enjoy the views, the chickens, out of the sunshine

Talking of sunshine - here's a little gift the birds left me - she's grown into a lovely little lady. In the wrong place of course, but I didn't want to move her - and she has a huge sunny face, but is of small stature - which is perfect.


  1. It is looking fabulous and will certainly look wonderful next are making me think we should have a conservatory/garden room built after all!

  2. Oh your garden room looks fab!!! I love the flowers - they're going to be gorgeous next year :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  3. Yes, plants are amazing, even the weeds!
    Kaths' garden will look spectacular next year.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandie xx

  4. The garden room looks great, a lovely addition to your house and garden. Those beds will look a picture next year. x


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