Saturday, April 23, 2011

Allotment Diary Me:22.5hrs He:22.5hrs as at 10th April

Last time I posted about my allotment on the 15th of March which you can see here we were working on getting a plot ready for the potatoes this year.   It's part of my crop rotation project which I adhere to religiously to help protect against desease. 

Since then we have spent 7 hours up the plot - before we were struck down with the Noro virus on 11th April.  Mr Lottie brought it back from a bowls night - and I played Florence Nightingale before having to call the doctor out as he was so ill - and we didn't know anything about the virus!   A few days later I was struck down with it - and almost 2 weeks later we are still rather weak and just getting back on our  'sea legs' so this post is rather late - and things have changed apace up the allotment since these photos.
I raked over, then rotorvated this plot several times before digging out the trenches for my 2nd early and late potatoes

My 'under gardener' split up and moved some rhubarb plants to the fruit cage.
He asked my advice on how to do it and then completely ignored what I said - sigh - but I am sure they will grow anyway.  I am just grateful for his help

I hard pruned all the bushes in the autumn and it has really paid off.

Looks like we will be getting a bumper crop this year, fingers crossed!

The black currents are doing especially well - in a draught too.

The redcurrants and gooseberry bushes are enjoying the sunshine as well

The under-gardener is banging in stakes for me, marking the different varieties of potatoes I planted

There hasn't been a drop of rain since I planted them

Mr L pulling over the soil of the last potatoes, by this time I could hardly stand up I was that tired.

What is standing up nicely to the dry weather are the comfrey plants - not only standing up but positively thriving!  I'll be giving them a trim soon.

How the broad beans have managed to germinate and start to grow is one of natures wonders.  Without a drop of rain, and pushed into parched dry dusty soil, they still managed to germinate and put on a show of leaves.

Even the onions are making a valient effort.

I am looking forward to going up my plot again soon - even if only to have a look at how it's doing.

Happy Easter


  1. My, you have been busy!
    The patio pond that split when the water froze solid, is going to be a raised bed for small veg and is handy just in front of the kitchen window. My potatoes are being grown in 'bags for life' from Wilkos!
    Have a good restful Easter.

    Sandie xx

  2. Happy Easter!

    I don't know about in your neck of the words but we're witnessing monsoon like rain over here at the moment. Wishing you full store cupboards!!!



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