Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today in my garden

Still recovering from the virus so decided to take it easy today - so took some photos around my this morning garden. 

Some of the flock come to see waht I am doing

Zola's a bit scruffy - she's been laying like the clappers and I think she is going broody

Here come the stragglers

It's nice to see the pond plants coming into bloom and the iries and other plants coming through the gravel around it.  It's a nature pond now, and we have lots of newts, frogs, frog spawn and insects

An early clematis I treated myself too for Mothers Day.  I am surprised it has flowered so soon

My little old tortoise, bought from a table top sale outside an old cottage by the church - on my walk

The hanging basket has been non stop flowering for ages, and at last the Alliums are beginning to open.
Delphiniums are shooting up too - wish we had some rain though  - we really need it

Poppy and Daisy

Bluebells - survived the harsh winter and dry spring

Oops these need dead heading

Heading off to the woodland garden to search for worms

I bought myself a walk in greenhouse a few weeks ago, and finally managed to erect it  yesterday

I am thrilled to bits with it - it is strong and roomy - and will be full over the summer

This area was one of those which seemed to 'collect' things - like sacks of sand, pots - we all have an area like that don't we.  Well not any more, I pruned the roses and clematis at the back of the trellis.  Mr Lottie cleared the ivy and we both shifted all the sand and 'rubbish'
It was worth all the effort.
Lloyd - it's 140cm x140cm x 200cm high
The tape was not needed, but I used it as I had done so in another little greenhouse, and it has lasted for a number of years now left out in the winter!

Dwarf french beans

Victorian climbing peas

The raised bed has been sown with seeds - hence the netting to keep the birds off.


  1. Busy Busy!

    Hope you had a nice Easter! :)

    The greenhouse looks really great!


  2. Just re-read this post! Your pond is amazing, so full off life.. something Amy has hinted at too!

    Veggies are coming on well!!

    Wishing you a bumper harvest this year!

    Martin :)

  3. I bought one of those greenhouses a few years ago..I hope you have fastened yours down as mine ended up in the farmers field one windy night.I wish you well


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