Monday, April 25, 2011

Too sunny for me to linger in my garden

A quick post with the remainder of yesterday's photos
My hostas survived the winter - I didn't think they would.
They like it here in the shade by the back gate

Although I have a huge allotment, the sun is preventing me from going up there, so I am squeezing in as many veggies as I can in my flower beds.
Broccoli, small round cabbages, and caulis
The rhubarb has lived here for a few years now, next to the water butt which is handy
Now that Mr Lottie is feeling a lot better he fancies rhubarb and yoghurt for pudding
So some of these stems will be picked as soon as I have finished typing this

The woodland flower bed - I think this is my favourite part of the garden in the summer because I can get some shade!

It looks particularly fetching this time of the year with the new growth, nice and fresh and green

The banties love it too and are always rummaging around for insects etc and then running helter skelter up the garden with a juicy worm - being chased by the mob - it never fails to make us laugh!

I thought that my ferns had died over the winter, they are usually in leaf by now.
Aren't they gorgeous?  They almost look prehistoric to me when they start to unfurl.
Isn't nature wonderful - so much texture and colour contrast

This unfurling hosta clump has tiny jewels of dew in the centre of each curled leaf, but I didn't quite manage to catch it on camera as well as I would have liked

This wise old gnome has a few stories to tell I bet.
I was given it by a very elderly neighbour 30 years ago, and he had been given it by an elderly neighbour many many years before that.  I don't have a clue how old it is, and my ex-husband at the time wanted me to throw it away - he considered it rubbish.
I am rather sentimental. and like to think of the people that once owned him - to me he is a priceless treasure.
I have never painted him, I don't want him to looked painted and new - as he is so old, and I think that his aged look suits him.

I have a large pot in the garden near the studio, and it has some Lily of the valley, lemon balm, and mint in it - all of which are self sown.  I really should sort it all out, but I rather like the combination, and just can't help bending to smell the lilies whilst they are in flower, rub my hands in a stem of lemon balm, or chew a  mint leaf when passing  the pot - which is often

I try to fill every gap in my garden - this is a 'waste' area alongside my studio.  It only get the sunshine late in the afternoon, but it seems that it is just enough to keep the gooseberry cuttings - which are now bushes  - happy, and the small rhubarb plant's productive too.

My husband complains that I never sit still - and that's usually correct.
As I am still not back to full strength, I sat in the shade to read the Sunday magazines - something I haven't done for many many years.  These are candid camera shots
 - as you can tell!
Then got carried away reading my book.  As the sun moved around I had to cover up - such a shame, but necessary!
This is how I have to dress when I go outside.
 Either looking like Lady Haversham

or if I am working up the allotment
Worzle Gummidge

(Don't have nightmares!)


  1. I love the gnome! Don't paint him.. ever!! The story is so fitting. Reminds me of the film Gnomeo and Julliette which I saw earlier this year.

    The hosta looks amazing! So beautiful!

    Have a great Tuesday!!

    Martin :)

  2. Lovely post!
    Something very English in your outdoor dressing, I know it's essential for you though.
    You look like you had a very relaxing weekend.

    Sandie xx

  3. Yes, I agree do not paint the gnome, he has so much character! I love your cover up pics, keep up the humor.. blessings~barb


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