Saturday, April 09, 2011

My lovely new pets.................

I have got some new pets.  

No not this one - although he is a cutie and has just fed his leftover lunch to the chooks.

Of course being an old woman, I do need a hand now and again, and one little boy was just delighted to help me build a house.

Then add a block of coir which was soaked for a few hours before you put it in and fluff it all up.

Then you add some dendrobeana - wormery worms

O.K. - a few more then.

That should be enough!

Sprinkle on some worm food cereal to make them feel at home
They love to be kept in the dark and damp, so empty your paper shredder

Soak the paper so that it is nice and damp and spread it out.

Spread it out to cover the coir and food - the worms will eat it all up and make super compost.

There is even a tap so that you can bottle up your worm tea - it's a great liquid fertiliser

And there you have it - it's child's play.

So much so that I bought one for my grandson to take home to put in his garden too!

Well it's the least I could do after he showed me how to make mine.

If you don't have a little helper, you can watch the video and see all the details here

And the best bit is - they are made in Britain and give the best service ever!


  1. Hey Lottie, I bet your grandson had so much fun helping you put your worm farm together.

    I have been meaning to get one for ages, but usually end up heading out into the paddocks and picking up cow pats and finding heaps of wriggling, fat, juicy worms.

    When I throw them in the garden I'll let the 'girls' out to have a quick snack before locking them up again.

    Your garden will certainly benefit from that worm tea and compost.

    Claire :}

  2. Not slow worms then? LOL!
    Wonderful 'old' technology made modern, I expect your garden will flourish even better now.

    Sandie xx

  3. wow- I'd love one of these. I'm always super paranoid about chopping them in half when I'm digging- I love the little fellas! I will definately be investing- when I find a spot to squeeze it in in the garden!

    Holly x

  4. Blimey Lottie.

    I bet your grandson was the envy of all of his friends. Having an afternoon filled with playing with worms and generally getting his hads dirty.

    Keep up the good work!

    Hope you are ok?

    Martin :)


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