Monday, March 21, 2011

Allotment Diary Me:15hrs He:15hrs

Today was a cold dull day - just perfect for working up the allotment

I went over this area that I have previously rotorvated, using my little Mantis Tiller
Then dug out trenches with my (Azada which you can see below)

Each trench was filled with a well rotted mix of pig and horse manure, and I planted my first early potatoes - Rocket, which were covered with yet more manure before being earthed up.
 Only one bag of these this year, as I am having to cut down on the workload, not got the power or energy of a  youngster any more!  Still there are 35 potatoes which will produce and very healthy plot and certainly feed us during the summer

Oh dear looking at the rows this way, they do look a  bit sinister don't they!

No sign of any broad beans on the left yet.

Still, again using my little Mantis to turn the soil into a nice tilth, I created some pathways between the blocks of broad bean rows.

Then I planted two blocks of onions - Stuttgart and Sturon

I might get some red onion sets too - lots of space to fill

Mr Lottie worked hard on sorting out where the winter bonfires have been

I just need to rake this all over, rotorvate it and get it ready for the rest of the potatoes

I think the only thing that gets him up the allotment is the thought of having a bonfire!


  1. Anonymous7:34 pm

    That one pic does look a bit sinister. HAHA

  2. Great blog and allotment .. Have put a link on myn to share ( Hope that's ok ? )Pleas come visit my blog it is new and I would value your advice and tips .. Many Thanks

  3. How is the weather there? we have rain and cold tipical march weather.
    I see you are planting potatoes this year. I don't know any planting that gives more back for the effort.

  4. Hey Lottie, just had to have a giggle looking at your 'sinister' pic of your allotment bed. I am sitting here watching an old episode of Midsomer Murder, hehehe......

    You and your 'partner in crime' have been very busy. All that effort is going to pay off come Summer. You are going to have loads of wonderful, fresh, homegrown vegies.

    What is it about boys and bonfires?

    Hope this week has bought you some nice sunny weather for a change.

    Claire :}

  5. Yes men do like their bonfires on the allotment.
    I am planning to get my spuds in this week...but then I said that last week lol


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