Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allotment Diary Me:26hrs He:25.5hrs

It was a cold, dull windy day, so cold that I had to dress up in my winter 'gear' - perfect for me up the allotment.  We hadn't been well enough to go up there for a couple of weeks and it was a bit of a shock when I saw the weeds!
Not a drop of rain for weeks and weeks, but the weeds still manage to grow!

And my lovely neat weedfree beds now need weeding again.

The lawns need cutting too - how do they grow so fast in a drought?

Mr Lottie mowed the lawns for me.  Look at the comfrey - it's like a hedge and almost in flower.  But I have plans for this so it's not a problem.

Now that the grass has been cut it is looking neat again.  The covered bed in the foreground will remain that way until I am ready to fill it up with squashes and pumpkins - I can't keep weeding it if it is sunny so this is the best option to keep the plot under control

So, here is the result of my work - the front bed which we fenced in this year, has now been weeded by me yet again it is so dry that it is just like dust!  Some potatoes from last year were growing - looking fabulous and healthy, but I dug them up - this is going to be my bean bed.
The trenches are dug for the climhing beans, and filled with well rotted manure.  I use a lot as we don't have running water - it's just a big field - so I can't water everything from my tanks, the plot is too big.

The early potatoes I planted which looked suspiciously like rows of buried bodies, are now 6'6" rows of lovely lush potato tops, grown through the heaped up soil.  I weeded in between and heaped them up even more so - they are looking good - again - without a drop of rain since they were planted - the manure sure works a treat. Hard work, but it's worth it.

The broad beans and onions have managed to grow too - again I did lots of weeding, still got a bit more to do between the onions, but the pathways are cleared

This is where I have sown the parsnip seeds today - we are due rain.   I weeded all this area yet again, sowed the seeds and sowed spinach seeds each side so that I know where the parsnips should appear.
Our soil is so very stoney. No matter how many times I remove the surface stones more flint just comes to the surface.  I am going to grow my carrots in my garden at home again this year.

Here is what I have done with some of the comfrey crop.  It is on the bean trenches.  I'll plant the beans in the well rotted manure and the comfrey will gradually rot down and feed the plants.  I have every confidence of getting a good crop.

So that's it for today - lots of hard work - but we will reap the results later.

I also took home a pile of rhubarb, so I'll be busy cutting that up and freezing it tomorrow!


  1. My potatoes are really taking off too.

    Your allotment looks great, but it is so surprising how weeds can grow without a drop of water. I suppose if you look at how big the dandelion roots can get it is no surprise really.


  2. Busy bees!
    I think that manure is just wonderful!

    Not long now before you start picking, preparing and bottling and freezing too!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Sandie xx

  3. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I found your site looking for help with growing the bean Cherokee Trail of Tears. Interested to see your allotment photos. I took on a neglected allotment last October and managed to get it dug over before winter set it. Now the soil is like yours - dust dry with no rain for weeks.(Swindon, Wiltshire). Just pray for rain soon. Are you still growing Trail of Tears?

  4. themessycraftroom8:49 pm

    Hi Lottie your allotment is coming on good. Sorry not been around.Just don't have the same time any more. Didn't realize you had been ill. Sorry.Hope you are feeling much better. There is something for you on my blog.Love & Hugs x ChrisB

  5. Lottie I stumbled on these 1944 films of England and thought you might enjoy them.
    they are on youtube.


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