Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seed planting frenzy!

It's Sunday and it's raining, raining, raining - and when I went out to let the chooks out first thing this morning, I just had to stop and soak up my favourite 'smell' - rain in dry ground.   That wonderful warmth rising from the ground, the warm rain hammering down, the starched garden sighing with relief and joy - you can almost feel the soil soaking it all up and the plants slooping it up through their parched veins.

And wouldn't you just know it - I went out and watered those plants which were dried out and in urgent need of a drink.  The pot plants, and all the newly planted cuttings and strawberries and veggies - in the garden.  But not up the allotment - that's left to nature - and I am so glad that last time I was up there I 'scalped' the lawns when I mowed.  The weeds will start with a vengence now though!

This will bore you - so no need to read it - it's for my information only really - cos I keep losing my lists.

I have been sowing seeds and this is a good way to remember the varieties

Climbing bean borlotto - Fire Tongue

 And Climbing bean - Goldfield

Onion - Summer Isle - bunching summer onions

Courgette - 3 varieties, dark green, yellow and pale green - long ones
Courgette - du rond - green and yellow

Pole beans - Eden (green) and Goldfield (yellow) lovely wavy ones
There are more trays of pots I didn't photograph as my camera batteries went flat.

Swiss chard beet - Bright lights
Pumpkin - Jack be Little

The mixes salads I planted during the week are appearing already - it never ceases to amaze me, the sheer wonder of how all the plants grow - from tiny seeds, to seedlings, to plants, to food!

I have also got to plant

Carrot - Mignon and Atlas
Pea - Sugar Snow
Salad leaves - speedy mix
Bush beans - Red Splendido and Yellow Cresco
And plenty more!

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