Monday, April 19, 2010

Just pottering around

I have to stay out of the sun - as much as I possibly can - so as we have had a lot of it,  I haven't been up the allotment since my last post.

Saturday I did spring clean Peckingham Palace again
It doesn't take long!

I took a few photos around the garden

The polyanthus have clumped up nicely and have a lovely perfume and they have self sown themselves all around the garden

The wild primroses are fabulous, and there are lots of smaller clumps seeded seeded in the gravel which I think I will move when they have finished flowering

Have  you seen snowdrops this tall before?

I bought a few plants 'in the green' years ago and this one is thriving.  It looks like a giant snowdrop and appears later - when the daffodils are out and it is in all its glory now.

Not much much to post about - but I am hoping to do some seed planting in the shade this week


  1. lovly flowers. Your climate is warmer than ours this time of year. we only have flowering shrubs and tulips and easter lilies this time of year.

  2. covenanter8:25 am

    Your garden is very pretty - I am jealous! It's always great to see your pictures. I think that your 'giant snowdrop' is a Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum).

  3. They look more like 'harebells' but are lovely. My potatoes are in sacks this year, not nearly enough but it will be nice to have some home grown!

  4. Peckingham Palace! - I just love it! wish I'd thought of that!


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