Friday, April 23, 2010

Stepford Wife - only for a day

I have been such a good Stepford wife today - I spring cleaned the bungalow - and apart from cooking a great lunch - which I always do - I made big inroads into the 30 eggs that my lovely bantams have provided.

I made two rhubarb crumbles with stalks from my garden, and I made 24 really big muffin sized fairy cakes - a dozen of which I have frozen or else we will be rolly pollys as they are so tempting - chocolate and morello cherries.

After going up the allotment yesterday, I did manage to fit in a bit of seed sowing

Pot marigolds, courgettes - several varieties.

Mixed salads (my list is in the lean-to so I will have to add the varieties another time.)
I also started off some begonia tubers a week ago.  They didn't look very 'lively' but I can see that they are sprouting
They do look weird
I only had one little geranium that survived the winter in my cold lean-too - so I have potted it on and hope to take cuttings from it later.

And tomorrow I hope to plant some of these seeds
I love bright colourful veggies - can you tell?

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  1. I have only just realised that you had started this blog again. I couldn't get into your last one for some time and gave up looking.....and today found this. Hurrah!


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