Monday, April 26, 2010

It's enough to put you off your lunch!

Each day we have our lunch in the conservatory - at varying times.
And every single day, come rain or shine, Gozzie flies up and watches us eat it!

It's not as though she is even hungry - she is just curious - and a scrounger hoping that there might be left overs for her.

It has now got to the point where they are all trying to get in on the act and they sit in the pots underneath the window.

Of course I blame Patrick - as he always gives them any grains of rice in the saucepan after a meal
ditto anything else healthy.   They hear the scrape of his chair on the tiles and all rush to the back door trying to be first in the queue.  Then jump up and down and squeak like excited children then, all run wild chasing whatever it is he throws out.  He is a real tease and throws some in all different directions
Sometimes it might just be just a few grains of rice, or fat off the bacon, or diced up raw skin off the fish - it's not exactly a feast!

They are so well trained now that at 4.30pm on the dot each day, they come and wait by the back door - or my studio door - or wherever I happen to be - for their supper.

If it is not forthcoming they start 'shouting' at me - they are so funny.  Poppy the little red Sebright is the loudest of them all!
All eight of them sit and watch me to go to the feed bin and get out the container
Then run helter skelter in front of me - and dash in their run after their evening meal of Garvo.

Then I lock them in the run for the night!


  1. That's exactly what happened with us last year when we looked after Tikka and Korma. They would run up to the patio when we sat out there and they would beg for scraps alongside the dog! Only problem sometimes was that chickens would fly right up on to your lap!!

  2. Bless 'em!
    Oh how I'd love to have a safe haven for fowl of all kinds to run around...I'll keep dreaming and meanwhile , 'borrow' yours LOL!

    Sandie xx

  3. I love for you to post about the chickens.

  4. I think I'd be uncomfortable eating chicken in front of them.


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