Thursday, January 05, 2006

Photos I took up the lottie today

Here comes the rain

Send in the clouds

Here comes the rain again

Horsey Hemp - Lovely stuff

Lichen on gooseberry bushes

Goosberry bush


  1. Hi A.L. - love the shot of the lichen on the bush :-) And the shot of the rain coming in has some lovely colours in the clouds.

  2. Thanks HB - my camera skills and camera do not do the pictures justice. I just had to bend down and have a close look at the lichen - closer than those in the photos and the piccies I took that close were blurred.

    The sun was shining on it, and it looked like gold and it is so intricate with lot of tiny little florets that make up the whole.... A little world of its own.

  3. The skies are beautiful in these pictures.

  4. Thanks for your encouragment Mike. I am just a happy snapper - see something that gladdens my heart and 'click' saved for a rainy day memory.

  5. The best and purest form of photography:)

  6. Cheers - much appreciated. Will I see the chickens pop up on your brother's blog when he gets them - or is it another brother. I will have to pull my socks up if you start taking photos of them!


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