Thursday, January 19, 2006

The girls weren't too impressed with the company this morning!


  1. joared9:24 am

    Are the squirrels invading the chickens domain or can they not gain access? They can be very cunning.

  2. We have a lot of squirrels too.They dont seem to have hibernated this year. I believe they like eggs too.

  3. The squirrel was eating walnuts - he is on a walnut tree in the field behind, and I zoomed in on him.

    The chickens go beserk if there are any intruders into the garden, and we have not the usual problems with the squirrels getting at the bird feeders since got them. (the chickens not the feeders.)

    Chickens are also good a chasing and pecking dogs if they have a go, and are expert cat scarers too, so I ma told by all the girls on the omlet website. So I think they and their eggs will be safe.

    The chickens eggs are so thick shelled there is not way could crack them open - armour plated - you should see the job I have!

    Thanks for looking and leaving comments. Really appreciated

  4. We have a squirrel or two who visit WB Paddocks - at the moment rather them than bloody cats, but this may change as I start to grow things tatsy to them :)

  5. HB

    The only thing the squirrels are interested in are nuts.

    But they will dig up everything in pots to bury them in - so if you are missing any you will know where to look.


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