Monday, January 16, 2006

Jo's Allotment

I have just received this from 'Jo' who got in touch with me last week after reading this blog.

Are't they the most wonderful compost bins? Wow and the plot name - I wish Father Christmas would get me one of those. Do you think if I put in my order and promise to be on my best behaviour he will get one for me?

Just to remind you what my home made ones look like!

This is one of them I will find photos of the others.

Not that I have an inferiority complex you understand - Jo has the benefit of youth on her side. LOL


  1. Ah she may have classy new compost bins but can she grow crops as well as you can?

  2. I am sure that she will - if her preparation is anything to go by.

    She has obviously got her priorities right!

    Hopefully we will get more photos over the summer. We can compare notes perhaps. Get pictures on here of peoples crops and compare notes and tips.

  3. AL - that's one mighty impressive pile of poo. Given the terrible state of my soil, I'm jealous :)


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