Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Frozen eggs and Fast Food

Eggs - Total to date: 186 - Day 87

KoKKo 62(86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best
Adelaide 62 (76grms) 12.12 2005 Personal best
Ginger 62 (78grms) 14.12.2005 Personal best

Twas a really nice morning and no frost when I fed the chooks – they were already up and out at 7.30am eagerly awaiting breakfast as usual.

One egg from Adelaide was hot and sticky and waiting for me – that’s good as I had frozen the dozen yesterday and left us with none.

And for those of you curious to know what a dozen eggs look like frozen here they are - two to a bag. Now do your supermarket eggs look that colour I wonder? The photo has not been changed or touched up with any colour - these are what they actually look like! I had to put them in a bag and label them, as they are so orange and didn't want them getting muddled up with other foods!

They seem to be eating more layers mash at the moment since I have been weighing out the 100 grms a day each, they clear the lot and seem to be after more, so have been giving them more. I will have to check that they are not being greedy just in case. Fat chickens are not healthy chickens, and I don’t want that.

A trip to the dentist for a check up meant that we went into Watton another market town – just small and one straight road in the centre. Luckily it wasn’t market day – it is a nightmare to get through it then. It is bad enough most days with parking, but on market days – impossible.

Still it gave me the opportunity to go into a shop to get my main crop seed potatoes – they just so happened had everything but! So as I have the physio visit tomorrow in another little town I will get them there – hopefully.

Watton has a little Tesco store so we went in for milk and a bit of fruit. I was extremely tempted to pick up a pack or two of their potatoes to chit, they were cheaper than seed, but I could not remember what varieties were main crop – and they were not organic either, so that means their leaves would have been sprayed to kill them off before harvesting, and I am not sure how they store them.

I posted off yet more packets of seeds for swapsies and have two parcels of card craft things to pack too.

Whilst we were out (as I knew it would) a parcel came with some soap making ingredients which I swapped. I now have to read up about it and get some more things, then I will be making natural soaps, creams, shampoos, all sorts. My things I ordered through the Pharmacy had arrived too, so I will have my witches hat on when Pat is out bowling this week -I have to read up on it, but hopefully by Friday.

Just wish I could find someone close that has goats for goat milk. I asked on the post office and they didn’t know. I shall have to have a chat in Harrods, someone must know someone who has goats surely. I know a lady in Suffolk through a forum I use, who keeps goats, but hers have not been kidded so are not milkers.

We have just had lunch looking out onto the garden and on the girls enjoying the sunshine. They are scratching away in their pen at something. KoKKo is digging for England. She digs really deep holes – usually around the honeysuckle root and the rose root. As fast as I bury each night, she digs it out again. She really has a purpose. The other side are the paving slabs of the patio under the pergola so she’ll not get those up!

I am sorely tempted to go up the allotment – but am sore too and with physio tomorrow I had best not had I? So I am off to look up instructions on how to change the cartridges on my printer. (Before you all think that I am having a ‘blonde’ moment – I have to explain that I do not have and instruction book for this printer and of course I know how to physically change printer cartridges – the difficulty comes in pressing the right sequence of buttons so that it aligns itself and stops in a place so that you can actually get to them to do it!)

When I popped out to the garage I just could not resist getting a couple of mini sweet corn that I had thawed out for the girls. Adelaide snatched it out of my hand – whilst Ginger was just looking at it - I thought that she would gently peck at it – went running off with it being pursued by the others so hell bent on catching her that they didn’t even have time to squawk. Alas she downed it in one go! So I made a return trip with two more.

Ginger's idea of fast food - now you see it........

Did I hear someone say that I spoil them? There were two more eggs in the nest though – so they are worth it.

Now you don't...........Adelaide's idea of fast food!

Have another go Ginger .......... but be quick!

I just posted this and when I went back into my messages - Wizer had left a comment on yesterday's posting - how appropriate Wizer.

I know that you can freeze whites of eggs too and they are wonderful for meringues etc but I haven't tried freezing a version of omlettes the way you mentioned. I am not really into 'fast food'. I expect that you have to defrost it, then cook it - just as quick for me to whizz one up fresh - but I might just give it a try. Thanks for the comment - I love getting them. Actually Wizer, if it works out O.K. that is a good idea to make up some for my youngest son to put in his freezer. He can just get one out when he comes home tired from work and hey presto - great - what varieties do they do then?


  1. dagodame10:49 pm

    I so look forward to reading your blog. I get home from my job in London, about an hour's commute, and I'm stressed. I get comfy, click on your page and in a few seconds I'm smiling *S*

    Thanks for that!!

    BTW what is the brand of food dehydrator you purchased???


  2. I'd advise you look into it a bit more lottie. When I said fast food, I meant the dreaded McDonalds, so there might be chemicals helping it along. Assuming you can just freeze the unchemicalised mixture then I guess anything would work. McD's just do it for their scrambled eggs. It comes in a carton similar to milk or juice. Infact I seem to remember seeing a commercially availible product like this, perhaps I saw it abroad somewhere.

  3. Here's some info on 'liquid egg'

    and here's a commercially availible product:


  4. Dagodame - that' such a lovely compliment. An hours commute? In which direction - St Albans?

    Glad that I am now retired.

    The name of the dehydrator is Tchibo methinks. If you want the link let me know or I might put it on here if I can keep my eyes open I an sooooooo tired!

    Thanks - but I am not looking into it that closely! I posted it on MrsL's and no one has come up with any suggestions - which tells you something. I reckon it is full of chemicals - if you think about it, it would start cooking in the defrosting stage.

    Just as quick to whip up a couple of eggs.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better after your 13 hours of doing not a lot. (Poor thing - I am only joking) We all have days like that so I do sympathise with you honestly!

  5. This is the link dogdame
    they call it a drying machine - but I just checked and they are all sold out.

    I missed out last time around. They will get them in again, you just have to keep looking. Then they go in a week or so. Unless you find a shop in London - they are exlusive to that company though - a German make I believe.

    They are so good that is why they sell out and only £29.99 which is amazing.
    Still next time or try and track one down - they do have shops but I haven't surfed. I live far from shops so tend to get things on line when I have to like that.

    Wizer thanks for the links - am off to bed soooooo tired. P will be in from bowls soon so I want to be asleep or pretend to be so that I don't have to listen to a match replay until tomorrow morning - will be torture but at least I will get both done at the same time! Physio and after match inquest.

    Just joshing - I lurve him dearly but am just too tired to keep my eyes open to listen tonight - off to practice gently lady snoring noises.

  6. DagoDame5:57 am

    Hi AL

    My commute is from Brentwood,Essex to St James Park. UGH

    As luck would have it, we have a Tchibo retail store right around the block!! I'm going to go annoy them on Saturday HAHAHA.

    Question..Have you ever attempted to make Pasta?? A friend back in America keeps chickens. SHe makes her own pasta and boils up the odd bits for her chooks. They are mad about it

  7. dagodame

    I used to live in West Horndon many years ago - probably when you were a twinkle in your mother's eye!

    Pasta is on my 'to do' list. I have the machine - free years ago with my mixer! Hope you get the food drier, I am going to use mine today.

    And my chooks adore pasta. Like us though I have to watch what treats they get. Not too much salt/sugar/calories! But it is soooo tempting to spoil them - not good for them in the long run - so I moderate it. They haven't had pasta for a couple of weeks now so maybe I can have a go at that soon.

    Chll out - put your feet up - and day dream about all those lovely apple and pineapple rings, raspberries, strawberries, bananas that you will soon be drying to nibble on at work in your lunch break.

    You'll be making bread before you know it!


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