Thursday, January 12, 2006

Computer Problems & How to turn a tumbledown shed photo into a work of art.

Thought you might like to see what 'Mike' see link on the right, did to one of my photos. (He did email me afterwards to show me)

DOESN'T IT LOOK GREAT IN BLACK AND WHITE - WILD AND ROMANTIC! - Thought I'd better copywrite it as it looks like a winner of a Turner Prize to me. Mike is an 'ex professional photographer'. Don't think you can ever be an 'ex' one of those can you? Take a look at his web page. All his photos are stunning and enhanced with a lovely yellow shade that gives them really wonderful vivid colours. Brilliant

Here is my original in colour before it was tweaked so beautifully by Mike.

There is something magical and mysterious about black and white photos don't you think. You use your imagination more when you don't see the colours.

Must dash am late - back late this afternoon so will catch up with you then.

The girls have had a lovely afternoon of sunshine, scratching about for seeds, and the cage full of chickweed that I gave them today kept them amused for three whole hours.

They stopped only when I threw over the top of their pen, chopped up rinds of bacon. You should of seen them grab one and run off with it dangling from her mouth chased by the other two - totally ignoring the others in a pile. This pattern of behaviour was repeated time and again as each one picked up a rind and ran and ran - around and around the whole pen. Kept us amused too whilst we ate our eggs, bacon, and wedges lunch!

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  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    Love the photo!
    'Atmosheric' is the word I'd use to describe it, looks like a "wild n' woolly night Capn' Mainwaring!"

    I visit Mikes' site too, that' where I got your blogger from.

    Don't tell Adelaide about the photo, she may not like being called weird.... :-)



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