Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The following seed lists make shocking reading

I am a bit embarassed now that I have published my lists. It makes shocking reading doesn't it, and you must all think that I am stark staring mad!

In my defence can I plead the following?

I obviously had a very purple moment buying all those.

I think I got a bit carried away, and bought some, put them somewhere safe and couldn't find them.

I bought others on impulse and could not remember at the time if I had any of those at home.

I bought different varieties of the same veg/flower in case one failed.

One learns these things the hard way - but rather than condem me members of the jury, you can learn from my mistakes and think of it as my doing you all a service and not only saving you lots of time, but also a fortune.

I rest my case.

I could write a book on What not to do in the garden and up the allotment!


  1. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Phew! indeed! And I thought that I had a big list of veg/flower seeds....

    As for the tune for 'Parky's show... How about "I'm a lonely Petunia in an onion patch"? 'Cos the seeds do get mixed up sometimes....Ha Ha!

    Wot! no chickens story today???

    Keep it coming, it's fun!

    Sandie :-)

  2. Oh yes there are - you just need to scroll down a bit more!

    Thanks for looking in and your comments


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