Friday, November 18, 2005

What a lot of lottie - Phew

What a great day I have had today. It was even colder than yesterday and I wondered if I would ever get warm up the lottie.

I was breathing ‘smoke’ which reminded my of walks to school in the winter pretending to ‘smoke’ in the cold frosty air. I was never tempted to smoke when a ‘grown up’ though thankfully.

Just me up there as usual, (apart from the farm staff next door.)

The frost was thick on the ground at 10am and I got out my mower to cut the lawns, especially the ‘meadow’ at the bottom end which had got quite long. Unfortunately I could not get the old thing cranked up and started. It had more to do with my dodgy arm and shoulder I reckon, than the old machine itself!

Having warmed up a bit with all the pulling of the starting rope etc. I reckoned that I could tackle some of the dock weeds. With two pairs of gloves on I could just about get my hands through the handle of my ‘ladies’ spade. I dug up so many dock weeds complete with intact roots, it is amazing that so many can grow in one year on a small plot.

Geoff arrived near lunch time, and it was nice to stop for a chat. Good news from the village grapevine, the other two allotments have been let. I am so looking forward to next year with new keen allotmenteers – maybe we can start seed swopping or bulk buying – I hope it looks really good up there now, and the thought of all those weeds being tackled is pure joy.

Geoff noticed the mower out and asked if I was going to use it – and if I had got it going. He got it going for me, bless him. I used to be able to do it, no problem, but just did not have enough oomph today – but he did.

So abandoned the weed digging and headed off down to the bottom end, mowing part of the paths as I went.

I had to mow the meadow four times from the highest setting down to No.3. so it now looks a treat – and more lush than my lawn at home! I then got a bit carried away and did all the lawn paths even the latest sown one. My next job will be to do the edges now that it had thickened up.

I stopped when the petrol ran out, and didn’t refill it, as I doubt that I will do another mow this year, and you shouldn’t leave any petrol in the machines over winter. So the top end where we park our cars did not get mowed – it could do with being a bit longer to stop if from being worn.

I then stopped to take some photos so will post them tonight – you can see my allotment in all it’s entirety. It will not look as posh as some of yours with wonderful raised beds and barked paths – and even slab paths – but costs and size of the plot made it out of the question.

I then got out my little Mantis and rotorvated the area where I grew my pumpkins and all the well rotted pig muck was mixed in. It was a very satisfying job to do and it looks great now. I even managed to get out all the nettle roots too, so it should be mainly weed free next year.

Before long time overtook me and I had to set off home having spent almost four hours up there. But not before I took one last look and closed all the corrugated ‘gates’, and cleaning my tools. And then I took some bits of wood home to finish off a job for my chickens – but chicken news will be on another page.

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