Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What a disappointment - but I have added a touch of Spring if you need cheering up

I got up really early this morning, as our weather forecast was for dry weather. Huh, they got that wrong.

I intended to go up the lottie early and do some rotovating just to keep any weeds down and to turn a bit of manure in.

It is tipping it down with rain, and has been all night by the look of things. So Pat won't be playing golf either.

I am glad that I covered the chicken run as it is nice and dry in there for them and it won't get churned up and they won't get splattered in mud.

As rain stopped outdoor play, I have been in the shed sorting out the onions as some of them have gone soft. That main culprit are the big stuttgart ones. I don't really understand why there are soft ones as we had a lovely sunny summer and they all went golden brown and were hard. Never mind. I have sorted them now and the remaining good onions I have put into a pair of stockings and they will go in my garden shed that is heated to keep the frost off it and they should be alright there. I did tie them up in a string like it says in the book, but I must have done something amiss. Next year they will go into the shed straight away.
I just thought that I would add a flower arrangement (not done by me I am afraid, but a photo I took when I went to a NAFAS demonstraion evening) I thought it might brighten your day up a bit. Don't forget that you can 'click' on any photo in any of my blogs to get a bigger picture and a close up view, you might want to do that with this lovely one.

I can't believe that is a week today since the chickens arrived. They seem part of the family and as if I have had them longer than that. It is a usual routine to get up at 7am now and sort out their morning meal, and it is no chore to go outside wrapped up warm against the weather.

The rain won't get me down, I shall just change what I was going to do, and now will be spending most of the day in my shed, making Christmas cards and doing some sugar craft flowers I think.

I'll catch up with you later today as there is sure to be some news I can talk about.

Thanks for looking in.

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  1. Hi A.L.,

    The weather here is gorgeous - cold, yes but blue skies and no rain. I've started checking www.metcheck.com as they seem to be on the money most times :-)

    I'm in love with your chooks (not in an unhealthy way, mind) and the pictures are wonderful - even the mistress of Wild Burro Paddocks has been asking how they are doing! I've got some shots of the Red Squirrels from Sunday on my site - I've not written a linking post yet, but if you know where to look you can have a sneak-peak ;-)


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