Sunday, November 20, 2005

Frozen in frost and ice - my garden early this morning

I took these at 7.30 this morning. Not a soul was up or about, not a bird stirred, silence......

A perfect start to a Sunday. I had hoped to go up the lottie to do a bit of weed digging but unless the sun shines......

This reminded me of a Catherine Wheel - use your imagination for goodness sake!

Not a grape to be had, the birds finally finished them a couple of days ago

A little bit of colour amongst the grey frost

The ducks don't mind

What a difference a few days make - now frozen solid and will blacken when the sun shines

Frozen in Thyme

Frozen Thai Chickens


  1. tracey12:02 pm

    hiya kooringa, its fleata

    have a nice cuppa tea and warm up from all your hard are your girls doing to day? mine are in the kichen at the mo (11.00am) having a warm up. had two eggs so far. great news on the grandchild. our garden looks lovely even int he frosty cold. keep up the good work


  2. I love the picture of the ducks! Brilliant!


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