Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Inspecting the new bathing quarters and new pot of a different flavoured mint

Discussing the mint and new bathing quarters

Tasting a new flavoured mint bush


  1. Cheers A.L. - that photo series really made me smile! The way Kokko (I think it's her - fan of white feathers on the back of her neck) is stretching to eat the mint in picture "inspection.0.jpg" is very cute, even if the mint wouldn't agree :)

  2. Kate's mum8:55 am

    Lovely pictures, they've made my day!

  3. Hi Head Burro

    I'm impressed that you know who's who! Getting brainwashed no doubt - I know that I am.

    Did you scroll down to the other pages I put on yesterday (Ignore the flower photos, that's a girly thing.

    There was something of a 'personal best' from KoKKo - ouch!

  4. Hello Kate's Mum

    (This clock on the comments is an hour fast by the way! Thank you for leaving a comment. Glad you like the photos.

    I put the flower arrangements on in case anyone was in to that.

    I have been looking at the website you sent me, and it is huge isn't it? So very interesting. As you will have read, these past few days I have been so busy that I have almost met myself going out, when I was coming in!

    Already today I have been out in the garden for an hour and a half, but I will write that up later.


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