Monday, November 14, 2005

Frost and Palm Tree

It is really frosty here in Norfolk today, the grass has a white ‘icing sugar’ coating, the bird baths are frozen solid, but the fish pond is fine as I have a pump that keeps the water moving.

As usual the girls were up when I went out to see them. Thanks to the protection I put over their run, their water was not frozen, nor was the bark covered in frost, so maybe that keeps a few degrees warmer.
sun had melted some.

They were eager to see me, and even more eager to get at their warm potato peelings – our left overs for a change from roasting potatoes yesterday – they should warm them up a bit.

No eggs this morning as yet, but I am getting to know their laying pattern now, so did not expect any. The Eglu had a thick covering of ice outside to it shows how well insulated it is. I won’t have to worry too much about them in the winter weather.

Here is the picture that I promised you of the romaneco plant. Looking more like a palm tree!

I am off up the lottie a bit later to see if the plot next to me has been ploughed, and I think that I will plant that Oregon thornless blackberry and pile on lots of manure to keep it warm. I will wait until the sun has warmed the soil up a bit. I also want to pull up another romanseco stalk for the girls, and keep it in the garage until this one is entirely stripped. They ate the stalks of the spinach, but I think that these might be a tad bit tough as there is a little pile of them on the ground if you look closely.

Back this evening with later news I any.

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  1. Blimey - they did a number on that plant and no mistake. I see what people mean about the damage they do to veg patches.


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