Friday, November 18, 2005

A close up view of the middle parts of the lottie

Pig muck - in case you don't know what it looks like (joke) it ends up jet black when it is rotted. Good stuff

Horse and pig muck bins

Where the Cherokee climbing French beans were, and onion rows

Rows of parsnips

This is my next project - weed this manured bed and around the raspberries and currant bushes

Caterpiller Cafe

Leeks and parsnips

Covered area till I get around to spreading manure for potato bed, leeks, January King cabbages under fleece, parnips other side and more covered area.

Mowed the paths

Asparagus grown from seed this year - hope they survive the winter

Late sowing of perpetual spinach - good isn't it this late in the year?

Gooseberries, currant cuttings, asparagus seedlings

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  1. Yhanks for this very interesting overview of your allotment - it looks enormous!! (And very well organised.) How nice to have views over countryside with so many mature trees.

    I made some bread today for the first time for ages partly on the basis of your picture the other day. We have a great recipe that one of Lisa's friends' Mums gave us a few years ago when she was in primary school. I might take a picture (of the recipe) and post it on the blog if you're interested. (Not that you need any lessons in bread-making but it is a great recipe involving treacle amongst other things!)

    All the best, Mike


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