Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring clean day at Peckingham Palace

 Regular readers will know that each week I clean out the chooks litter trays - just a five minute job - and as they are at waist height it doesn't hurt my back!  So today after yesterday's digging etc my back was shouting at me - but I decided to Spring Clean Peckingham Palace.

(Btw you do know that you can click on any photo for  a better look don't you)
The sun came out just when I had finished, so I sat on the edge of a flower border to just enjoy the garden, and marvel at the sudden burst of life and leaves.
From back to the front.
As usual, some of the girls who happened to spot me enjoying a rest, came over to 'talk' to me ant to see what I was doing, and if I had any treats.
 Daisy Pekin is my oldest bantam - and she is beautiful, I just love to see her petticoats getting blown about in the wind - and it was a windy day today.
who never likes to miss out on anything, so she soon comes charging up to see what is going on!
 I just love to sit and listen to them 'chattering' away to each other in lovely soft soothing tones
You can see how tiny my bantams are against the yellow daffodils.
 Dolly is huge compared to the others even though she's a bantam Silkie
 They are clucking away to each other having found some tasty morsels

She's gone  broody so hogging one of the nest boxes - but it's not a problem as I have another one in here and two more at the back of the run - and FIVE eggs today!

I have eight little bantams - all different breeds - so those not appearing on here today are all scratching around in the garden, or dust bathing, or just flying around enjoying the afternoon Spring sunshine.


  1. You have such beautiful little chickens. I'm envious and must settle for my furry little house cat. (He is a sweet boy.)

  2. Your chickens look fabulous! I'd really want to have one or two - or more :)

  3. Oh Lottie, they are so beautiful! We have one that insist on coming into the house if the door is open, we call her Sweetheart and she is! We are now getting 3-5 eggs a day too. Such lovely things.


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