Saturday, April 13, 2013

Allotment Hours: Me: 6.75hrs He:1.5hrs

 Today's the big day.

 The man is coming to rotorvate my plot

And make it look better than this
The middle fence is down - gone - it will  be easier for me to manage
Yesterday's full on rain all day and through the night has magically disappeared
And 'my man' was here bright and early and ready to go
 And what a difference it's made
He went over it so many times - it's perfect.

I was working in the fruit cage area - pruning the redcurrants and loganberries and tidying up
The climbing bean frame took so long to put up last year that I couldn't bear to take it down again.
But he managed to rotorvate around it fine.

At one time the rest of the plot as far as the eye can see was all mine - but it got too much,
now I have about 150ft x 33ft which keeps me busy
 So off he goes with his machine
 (I have to have a bonfire one day soon)
Voila - all finished.

I am going to cover up some of it with plastic sheeting to help prevent the weeds growing too quickly - then remove it/fold it back as and when I get planting

So that's the next job - covering it up again!

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  1. Nice! I wish you a good and fruitful gardening season! :)


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