Sunday, April 07, 2013

2013 - First allotment post of the year - I'm off - Me:4 hrs worked

I can't believe that it is April and that this is the first post of the year!   The winter here in East Anglia has been the worst in living memory.  Deep snow for weeks on end - floods - more snow - and more floods and freezing weather.

But hey - the rain stopped, the sun shone, and I managed to get some work done.  Not much though.

 The beds were not as bad as I had expected - the view from the front

 The bottom part of the allotment where the potatoes were needs a good dig
 The grassy paths needed mowing
 I had to go over them four times to get them looking decent
 The fruit cage needs some TLC and dock weeds are growing amongst the strawberry plants
 The second of the beds in the front section didn't look too bad as we covered it up for the winter
 But it took me half an hour of mowing to get the lawn at the front low and manageable again
 I have a plan - this is going to be all dug over and the fence on the left removed
 I had a go at rotorvating with my big machine - but I am an old lady and it was just too much
so I had to abandon it - but am hiring 'a man' to do it for me. Weather permitting it will be done on Saturday

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  1. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who couldn't make it down to the allotment much!

    Until April, all I was able to do was get a fence put up! We've had the rain and snow (had to dig sheep out of 12-15ft drifts) and gales and all the rest!

    We're just lucky that the weeds also aren't keen on that weather! Roll on Summer!


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