Friday, April 26, 2013

Bantams in the garden

My flock of bantams have really been enjoying the lovely sunny weather - so I took a few photos of them helping me out.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

 I was working in the fruit cage so they just had to see what I was up to.
Daisy and Dolly were the first to realise that there were delicasies to be had
 Henrientta postively squeaked with delight as she frantically scratched in the Hemcore
 But Zola Buddy Bantam is the absolute champion at finding worms!
 They spent a pleasant hour in the sunshine doing a thorough job
Freckles is like me and doesn't care much to having her photo taken
Wherever she sat, if  she saw me with the camera, she made sure that she turned her face away!
After the fruit cage was done - we all headed out to the garden
Rhubarb leaves are deadly poisonous to chickens, and must be avoided at all cost.
And all of my chickens do so with the exception  of  Daisy.  She is a nightmare.  Year in, year out, she 
eats them early in the season.  She is over 8 years old now - the oldest of the flock
so perhaps that is her secret of a long life!
It's only this one on the raised bed that she eats - none of the others dotted around the garden!
Talking of which, they spent another happy hour or so dustbathing and dozing
 Scratching about and chatting
And generally chilling out - what a life huh?


  1. What a lovely day your gorgeous gals had x

  2. Farewell to your Willow, wearing her beautiful flares (hehe!). I love chookies and have fond memories of our Harrier Jump Chook who used to fly vertically into the tree! We are preparing to get 3-4 chookies later in the year - can't wait for fresh eggs again. cheers, Cait


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