Sunday, April 14, 2013

RIP Little Willow

My darling little Willow ( a rare breed white Barbu D'Uccle) bantam died peacefully on Friday morning.

She had suffered from a prolapsed vent for nine months - but I kept her clean and happy and healthy.  I didn't want to dispatch her at the time, and she wasn't in any pain, and full of the joys of spring.  She didn't get pecked by the other chickens as her rear end was covered with long feathers and her long wings which crossed over - and with frequent washing and 'attention' - you don't want the graphic details - she continued to have a happy and carefree life - chasing around the garden, flying  up onto the raised beds, arguing over scraps and worms, and generally living life to the full.

Then Saturday morning she got up, flew on to a perch, then sat there a while, then flew down for breakfast when the others had finished and come of the run.  She then had a drink, and just sat down watching.  So I went to see her and she looked tired - so I put her in a nice clean box, with straw, and she nestled down whilst I popped up to the shops to get a few bits.   When I came back she'd passed away peacefully.

 I'm glad that she got those extra months of the sun on her back, and got to fly, and run and play chase.
And even got to early and early strawberry this year!

Good bye Willow - it was a pleasure having you - even though you were too posh to lay and egg for two years!

Today we went up the allotment - I had sold my rotorvator and it was being collected this morning.
Whilst there the sun came out - and I just couldn't help myself - I had to make the most of the nice day, so we Spring Cleaned the shed (ex pig shed) - not it's as spotless as an old stye can be.  And we have bags of 'stuff' to dump!

Just for my records today's allotment hours tally

Allotment Hours: Me: 9hrs  He:3hrs


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss. Little Willow was very lucky to have such a caring chicken Mom and she was very beautiful xxx

  2. I'm so sorry to read the sad news about your adorable chicken. It certainly sounds like you made her life as happy as it could be under her health circumstances. It's clear that you were a good mom to your feathered baby.


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