Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A walk up to the allotment in the snow

I decided to walk up to the allotment as the sun came out and it looked beautiful and sparkley outside.

It was really slippery outside so I had my big walking boots on, and I was glad of them.

I walked through the alley and just marvelled at how pretty everywhere looked with the addition of a covering of snow.

I stopped to take a photo or two on the way and I thought the boys might like to see a row of Herbies. One of the garages in the village specialises in VW's and I love looking at all the old beetles and camper vans in all the shades of the rainbow.

As I slithered up the hill (a little one) a young lady was being dragged along by a puppy. I asked if the puppy like the snow, and she said that it should do as it was a husky cross breed. It looked like a fluffy welsh border collie with the same markings. The puppy jumped all over me, and she loved chewing on my gloves, and being made a fuss of, she was so sweet. It is so nice living in a village and being able to just say 'Hello' and have a little chat. When I lived in a town you dare not even look someone in the eye!

Not a soul was about and it was great fun to make footprints on virgin snow. For a change I went through the pedestrian side gate, rather than having to open the big swing gate to the farm. There was one set of foot prints - a man's big boots and a set of dog prints with small padded feet. So I took a guess that it was Tim and one of his dogs, the skittish spaniel. There were tractor tracks further up, so I knew one of the farms hands was out and about seeing to the pigs, and I heard their squeals.

Apart from that it was quiet. I loved walking up the track and making silly footprints. (I know, but wouldn't you like to act silly now and again when noone is about). I took some photos enroute, and will post them next - I have to download them from my camera, then resize them.

I walked up to the top to have a look at all the chickens in their various housings, but not one came out into their runs - but I don't blame them as mine didn't want to venture out into the snow either.

Standing and looking around me along the track, the allotments were transformed. All the weeds were hidden, and bits of junk covered in snow were transformed into pieces of art!

It was bitterly cold and I only meant to walk up there and straight back - but you know me better than that.

I walked up and down examining every inch of my lottie. No sign of rabbit prints in the snow - only pheasants. I thought I would find some rabbit prints - but not one, nor mice or rats or pigeons!

It was my intention of pulling up a purple sprouting broccoli plant from out of the cage, for my chickens. But it was bitterly cold, and I couldn't lift the frozen scaffold plank off the frozne ground, so I settled for pulling off some Sorrell leaves for them - I was prepared as I took a black sack with me!

I was just on my way out when old Geoff appeared with a hacksaw - he was off to get a stem of brussels sprouts! We hadn't seen each other since before Christmas, so it was nice to exchange greetings and to tell him of Luke's arrival, as he had been asking after Haruko last time I saw him.

On the way home there were more cheery greetings from other brave souls out and about.

Once back I saw to the chickens - the photos are posted below, and my neighbour and young son had made a snowman!

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  1. Great descriptions and pics of the snow scenes
    I still haven't worked out how to downsize photos for webpages!


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