Friday, December 09, 2005

Fffffreezing fffffog

There is freezing fog here. The frost is so thick, icy, and slippery. The worst weather since I have had the chickens - 31 days. They will not let me put vaseline on their combs at the minute, so they will have to take their chances!

Staying in the warm till the temperatures rises a bit to write some Christmas cards - me that is not the chooks. Back later.


  1. No ffffrezing ffffog here - just damp and chilly as ever. Post the chooks over, I'll put the vaseline on and post them back :-D

  2. Coo you are up and about early today. NO work???

    I might just do that - or perhaps you and the mistress of the house would like a day trip to Siberia to vaseline them - it would be interesting seeing you tackle Adelaide - she can be a bit fiesty.

    Thanks for the comments - you alwayas make me smile!

  3. Not particularly cold here in Devon today but still weather was somewhat dull and grey-I did try to brighten up things at school at home time when I was selling raffle tickets-I wore a Santa hat+put some CD's on the fence to highlight my notice about the Xmas Bazaar alas the sun wasn't out so the CD's didn't sparkle nevertheless they attracted everyone's attention!!!
    I did once put loads of CD's on the pear tree to distract the birds from eating the buds-it didn't make any difference to the tree but when the sun shone it was really pretty!
    Re your chickens-is 86grms still the record for the biggest eggs and have you had many double yolks eggs?

  4. chris6:51 pm

    Fog here (mid Kent)too for 2 days.Clears up by about 9am.


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