Monday, December 19, 2005

Cabbage lollies, peanut butter biscuits and choc chip cookies.

Eggs - Total to date: 90 - Day 40

KoKKo 30(86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best
Adelaide 30 (76grms) 12.12 2005 Personal best
Ginger 30 (78grms) 14.12.2005 Personal best B

I am chasing around doing all the things a wife and mum has to do at Christmas, but it is great! No complaints this end.

Just one egg so far today when I cleaned them out and remade their bed half an hour ago. I think these chilly mornings and dark days are messing up their body clocks.

I had another bright idea today - this one is a success. I got three savoy cabbages last week from the village shop in the 'animal' box. I don't like to leave them on the floor of the open pen, although it is nice and clean with the wood chips, I do not want them leaving bits around which might encourage vermin, or any smells, so I have been putting it in a cage - which they peck at, but don't seem as keen at doing so, as they were when I hung up the big plants.

So this is what I invented....

Cabbage lolly pop

They love it - they can have a tug of war and it bends and wobbles - keeps them amused

They can all get around it so no one gets their neck pecked and has to wait their turn

They pull off dainty little bits and the leaf ribs stay on the cabbage so no big lumps for me to pick up!

They seem to really enjoy it and are clucking away to each other.

Think I will patent this one!

Have you noticed any difference in their condition. I was looking at them and the sun was shining on their feathers, and realised that they now have a lovely coat of feathers - all different shades too. They have filled out a bit and look really healthy and fluffy. When I look at the first photos their feathers were dull, and not so shiny, and uneven probably because they were still growing them. Now they look glossy and shine in the sun, and no more bald bits around their necks - lovely.

Another egg this afternoon - just off to give them their 1/3rd tin of sweetcorn. I love watching them go crazy for that, and they peck at it so fast to see if they can get more than the others it is a continunal rat tat tat - really rapid!

I have got a loaf of bread just doing it's first proving, and whilst that is happening I am off to make peanut butter biscuits as some chocolate chip cookies - thanks to a recipe from Kate off I will add it to my links when I have finished my cooking tonight.


  1. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Hi Allotment Lady!
    I just can't wait each day for your bulletin and pictures!
    I would love to have some chickens myself, probably will one day!
    You're right, the 'girls' do look totally different now, must be there diet/exersise regimen!

    I love to see the innovative ways you give them variety in diet,exersise and habitat... a truly Holistic approach and life enhancing daily challenge.
    Please don't stop posting the blogs.

    I hope your grandbaby arrives soon and that you and yours have an excellent Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    Sandie (Allotmentvirgin , allotments uk forum) Where I got this link from.

  2. Allotment virgin - what a wonderful name - I was one of those a couple of years ago!!

    Thank you so much for checking out my little blog. I have great fun writing it, but it does take me ages, and often it is hard what to write about. I think that it is boring drivel, but I am glad that others don't feel the same way. It is more interesting in the summer when I have the lottie to talk about.

    Keep in touch - it is so nice to hear from other lady allotment gardeners.


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