Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Allotment photos on 7th December 2005

Apart from the cockerels being in fine voice down the far end, and a few squawking pheasants (that reminds me I didn’t check my broad beans – oh blow) running about to avoid the pheasant shoots going on most days, nothing stirred.

You can see by the bright skies that it was bitterly cold and frosty - and slippery up the track.

Thought you might like to see a few of the other allotments for a change. It all looks rather neat in winter now that the frost has killed off the weeds.

This is Kit's my left hand side neighbour. See the deep tractor wheel trenches. Last time I went up there they were full to the brim with water, which has now drained leaving just a frozen bit at the bottom

This is Mike and Pat's - new neighbours on the right hand side. Virgin soil and nice new fence posts waiting for the chicken wire.

This was K & C's, half an allotment, now moved and someone else jumped in to take it over a couple of months before they gave it up. This was the best one - or half of one on the site. Haven't seen a soul on it since. I wish I knew who has taken it over though, as I would love to scrounge the caterpillar eaten greens for my chickens! I might ask Geoff when or if I see him to put a word in for me. Then again, he might want them for his son's chickens up the top end.

This is C and husbands' quarter of a plot.

A view of Geoff's which is next to Kit's

Some views of mine next.
There is still food in the raised beds and more in the open beds further down - didn't venture too far as it was icy and slippery and freezing and Pat was off to golf!

Sorrel and spinach which I tie up in bunches for the chickens so that they can keep amused and fit, jumping up high to get it!

The skeletal bushes in the fruit cage. I have high hopes of my first red and white currant crop this year.

Addie's been with some more muck which was quietly steaming. The white flecks are the hemp mixed in - hippy horses? This bin is 20ft long and I built it all by myself.

Caterpillar cafe was my next stop for broccoli plants for the chooks. I pulled up a few - sacrilege I know but there are lots more as you can see!

Getting tall aren't they? Wish they would hurry up and sprout purple bits, I can't wait!

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