Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I haven't forgotten you - just so very busy - Christmas stuff and all that.

Eggs - Total to date: 79 - Day 35 at 7.25am today.

KoKKo 27(86grms) 29.11.2005 New personal best
Adelaide 26 (76grms) 12.12 2005 New personal best
Ginger 26 (78grms) 14.12.2005 New personal best laid today

I doubt that KoKKo could ever beat her personal best. The eggs are averaging 69grams to mid 70's and once a week I get a biggy from them.

Have you looked at any of the gardening forums. There are suggestions for seed swapping on a couple of them.

Grow Your Own's grapevine forum is starting up a designated site, but for now some of us are doing it unoffically.

If any of you want to swap seeds, just leave a comment. I have some packets of Sarah Raven flower seeds, and some other brands. I have some veggie seeds both on order and saved if you fancy swopping.

I expect that at least one person that reads this blog will set one up on his own website too.

Not much going on at the allotment, and I have probably brainwashed you enough with the chickens' daily antics, so am scaling down a bit in the run up to Christmas.

I will be posting the daily egg tally and updating it throughout the day. I will try and write a bit here and there, but like all you - or maybe it is just me - I am multitasking so many tasks that I am seriously going to have to prioritise.

By this time of the month I would usually have all my Christmas cards written and sent, the Christmas wreaths and flower arrangments that I make as presents done, any little hampers and other presents either made, or bought would be wrapped and labelled. Thank goodness I cooked all the mincemeat, puddings, and a cake a while back. But there is still so much to do - Pat's presents to buy, and cards to deliver around the village. And I haven't got my overseas ones made or sent yet!

And Luke is now overdue, so am on tenderhooks and am not straying far from the phone, waiting for the summons to whizz up to Newcastle. The house sitter is on standby, even though it will be just for one or two nights! And I am making up the daily feeds, and treats, and water with citricidal in for when we dash off.

Probably a bit OTT, but if someone is doing me a favour I like to make it as simple as possible.

I am off now to see how much of my 'to do' list I can tick off today. Then normal service here can be resumed.


  1. Hello, I've just got round to updating my blog after ages and ages, and saw your comment. Lovely to find people stopping by.

    I'm very jealous of your chickens.

  2. Hi

    I like your idea for seed swapping, I have put my name down on the River Cottage site for their seed swap. I'm also hoping santa will bring me some seeds, so will have more to swap in the new year.

    Love reading your blogs, can't wait to get going with my plot.


  3. Glad blogs are have been updated - I love to see how others are getting along and compare notes.

    I just adore my chooks. They will be spending the summer on holiday up the lottie - that is if I can bare not having them wandering around the garden.

    Maybe they will just spend a few days here and there doing their slug and insect clearing duties.

    Thanks for leaving comments.

    It is always appreciated


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