Thursday, June 12, 2014

A sneak peak of my garden today

Since my last post I have been very busy working in the garden at home which is looking really lovely this year.  It's great to have got on top of things and having got everything under control again.

This time last year, Mr Lottie was very very seriously ill, and awaiting a life saving operation - so gardening and the allotment didn't feature too highly on my list of things 'to do'.   It was all that I could manage to do the basics.

The lawns are looking good (I did some weeding and feeding which has improved them) and of course the chooks work hard fertilising them eating the bugs!

I bought some wire edging fencing for around most of the beds, and much to the chooks disgust, it has so far foiled all their plans to use the beds as dust baths.
 Just a glimpse of some of the many flowering plants this week
 The Alstromeria are doing well this year
 I have different shades of yellows and other colours dotted around
 I have a couple of urns of succulents which are, at last, growing this year
 We went away to York for 5 days and whilst we were away the Phormium sprouted two flower stalks!
 Just on of several clematis flowering their hearts out
 One side of 'Kath's Garden' flowering alongside the garden room
lots more to flower yet too
 Pretty pink cranesbill geraniums
Just a glimpse of my blue border

I have been working hard up the allotment today so that's all for tonight.
More catching up to do tomorrow.

We escaped our nasty neighbour's howling dog for a few days in York - such bliss!
Back to the howling today though - such stress

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  1. Such a shame that your peace is broken by the dog howling, is it left on it's own for long periods of time? Or is it new to them?
    Your garden is looking beautiful!
    Keep up the good work!

    Sandie xxx


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