Saturday, June 21, 2014

Me:31 hours He:29 hours

 Whilst getting ready to load my car and go up the allotment
I thought you might like to see the early morning rituals of my 'girls'
 This flower pot outside my back door was filled to the brim with Forget me Nots
Once the flowers died back, the chickens ate the seeds then
decided, if they kicked out the dead plants, that it would make 
the perfect dust bath.  So first thing each morning it is a rush to
see who gets first go at the bath!  It is so funny to see them pile on
top of each other, shoving and pushing for 'pole' position, throwing dusty
potting compost all over their backs, wings, rolling on their side to dust
their tummies and under their wings!  All five of them have a go!
 Almost two hours of picking strawberries
 Eat one, pick three
How could I resist!

But somehow I managed to resist quite a few in fact 12lbs today!

I also picked 17lbs of gooseberries the other day too, and half a pound from my garden yesterday,

I got distracted by a huge Hercules Bomber doing what seemed to be a slow fly past just for me and Mr Lottie
 By the time I dashed to my car to get my camera
It was on its way over the village towards a mystery destination.

It flew over the Mall on the Queens birthday together with lots of other planes
including the famous Red Arrows absolutely awesome
 Meanwhile whilst I was picking stawberries, red currants, and a few stalks of rhubarb
my darling Mr Lottie did what he does best - dug up the remaining weeds.

Another few hours well spent.

Home again to a lunch of home grown salads, and chicken grown for me by my farmer friend, some new home grown potatoes too!

Makes all the hard work worth while!

I bagged up the strawberries and popped them in the freezer.  
Made a strawberry, gooseberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, rhubarb crumble for Sunday lunch
and flopped down for the rest of the day!

Thank your for visiting

Oh - I forgot to add that I made another 4lbs of strawberry jam too!


  1. Your chickens are great! It must look funny how they pile on in this pot :)
    My strawberries are gone now, all eaten - wasn't much of them this year, so I must replace them with better cropping varieties :)

  2. Bless 'em! Then after this ritual, Lottie gets out the broom and sweeps the dust up into the pot again for the next day..........or not!
    Can't wait to get my own 'girls', sounds like a pimp LOL! Probably more money in it LOL!

    Take care and rest up ready for the next hard labour session!

  3. I love my chooks they are so comical I found one swinging on my washing line the other evening so of course I rushed of to fetch the camera. Your strawberries look great, I must get mine into some sort of order next year x


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