Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday - Me:27 He:24

Yesterday I spent some time 'pottering' around in the garden, and early this morning I did some more work in the fruit cage - this time pruning the currant bushes which I have grown from little stick cuttings.  It looks like that I will be getting a nice crop from them this year.

Whilst in there, I noticed that some of my squash/pumpkin plants were now a healthy size to transfer up the allotment, so I dashed off up there before the rain set in and set to work.

This bed has been deep rotorvated, and weeded and dug over by me twice already - I forgot to take a proper 'before' photo - this is all that is left of the deep rooted thistles.  It is just astonishing how they sprout up so quickly despite my digging down deep to get all the roots out!  It's quite soul destroying at times - which is one of the reasons why I have reduced dramatically how much of my plot I keep covered (about a third of it) plus areas of this veggie bed covered up until I need them too!  - But I ran out of plastic so had to leave a couple of areas exposed.
It took me ages to deep dig this bed again
 Remove all the weeds -(wheel barrow full)
 I had to get my skates on - the skies clouded
 And it became quite dark and ominous - I was the only person up there in the entire field!
 I used six wheel barrows full of well rotted horse manure which I had to weed first 

 It was as black as coal and very wet and heavy so I am suffering the consequences now with a bad back!
It was made worse as the rain hammered down whilst I was doing it!
I also managed to do a bit more weeding of the bed that Mr Lottie was working on last week, and it produced some new potatoes which we had for lunch!
The heavens opened, the rain hammered down and I got drenched to the skin, looking like a drowned rat.

The plot is looking pretty good!

And I am sitting here - having showered, had lunch, a bit of a rest, and a choc ice!

Not a bad way to spend a day huh?

How did I ever manage to work full time.

It's not all bad being old!

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