Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Allotment updates :Me:21 hrs He:20 hrs

Well I have been labouring long and hard in the garden and up the allotment, and feel that at last I am finally 'on top' of things in both places.
 We had to cover the spuds as frost was forecast a couple of weeks ago
 The covers came off to reveal rows of thistle and dock weeds amongst the spuds and inbetween rows - which I have now weeded - it took ages
 Another day I started the long job of digging up weeds
 And dividing up the plot into more manageable sections
At least when I did that, it gave us much more 'job satisfaction
It might not look like it but it was backbreaking work over a number of days
 But it is more or less done now
 I weeded this today

Mr Lottie dug out some well rotted horse manure so that I 
could start planting pumpkins and courgettes
This is what it looks like now - after another three hours each today.

I came home with 2lbs of rhubarb and 1lb of gooseberries.  I covered up the gooseberries as I don't have many this year - I gave the bushes a good prune last year - so I don't
want 'tea leaves' stealing the small amount I have - the 'curtains' act as a deterrent!

Off to put my feet up for the rest of the evening

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