Sunday, May 04, 2014

Allotment hours Me:12 He:11

,Well we don't have much to show for the hours we have spent up the allotment - mainly because it was all digging out big dock weeds - but just for my records - here are some before and after photos.               (Click on photos to enlarge)

Some of the weeds were waist high amongst the fruit bushes, 
so Mr L got stuck in straight away.
 We ended up with seven wheel barrows full of weeds!
 Whilst Mr l tackled the left side  amongst the bushes,
I weeded amongst the strawberries
and picked the rhubarb crop.
Well not just picked it, I topped and tailed the stalks
ready to take home for freezing
This is back plot (where we have the bonfire)
it's too much for me to manage now, so it's  been
rotorvated and covered to keep the weeds down.
The Comfrey plants are doing well - I will be cropping 
those soon for my compost bin, and using some for mulch.

It's hard to see - but all under and around the fruit bushes has been weeded

 I have thoroughly weeded around the strawberry plants and thinned them out
Picked, and topped and tailed all the rhubarb
 The lawns have been mowed and we are
 packing up to make our weary way home
 Did I mention that I weeded all around the  gooseberry
bushes and gave them a spray
Whilst Mr L was out bowling that night, I washed and cut
a trug full of rhubarb stalks - more than 14lbs of them.
Now packed in bags and frozen ready for next winter

Boy did I ache though!

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