Friday, May 02, 2014

A bit of time in the garden

 When Mr Lottie has been playing golf or bowls
 I have been spending time in the garden.
Doing lots of weeding, spreading the gorgeous composted Chicken bedding,
digging it into the beds and 'just' pottering about.

I like spring time - seeing the blossom on the trees and the early spring flowers
and of course I can enjoy being outdoors a bit longer as there is not so much sunshine
On the right hand side along the path - the chickens favourite place for dust bathing
I have added raised beds on top, filled them with some of my fabulous 'home made' rich compost and using them permanently now as veggie beds - cutting down on the time that I spend up the lottie!
More photos to come - but they are coming along nicely.
I have planted carrots and lettuce
Self supporting peas and mange tout.
Love this poppy just about to explode into bloom!
 I have been very very busy picking rhubarb so not had a chance to take many photos or post on here of my work up the allotment - but will be playing catch up after the weekend.

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