Wednesday, April 16, 2014

He:9hrs Me:9hrs

Another busy morning today up the allotment.  Shane had mowed the lawns for me so that was one less job to do.
 Our compost bins which were full of horse manure
 grew thick thatches of grass on the top of them
 Mr Lottie kindly took on the task of weeding them!
Well the first one took three hours!
This is a job for him to do next time!
Meanwhile, I was busy doing other things. Weeding the end, and planting second early potatoes, and another row of main crop.
And constructing two more paths.

If my old bones will allow me, tomorrow I want to put the last of the spuds in and take some perennial flowers up there to plant.  At the moment it is 50/50 whether my old back will recover enough to let me. I am also keen to spray some horrendous dock weeds.  It is a yearly battle to dig them out every year - but this time I am trying a different tactic.
If I ache too much to work up there, then I will be doing some seed sowing at home.

These posts are just for my benefit so that I can look back each year to see what I was doing when!

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  1. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Well it is no surprise your back was aching after that lot Lottie! I have had to take the weedkiller to some stinging nettles and docks, too much like hard work keep digging them out and the glyphosate based herbicide we use doesn't contaminate the soil either, makes getting rid of pernicious weeds so easy :) Poor Mr L having to weed that compost bin! 3 hours!! I'm surprised the grass seed survived in the manure, the heating up process should have killed them.


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