Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three and a half hours of hard labour in the garden.......

 I took this photo of the lawn in front of my garden studio as it shows the remarkable different between the grass where the chicken run was moved for just a couple of weeks whilst once in June and once in September onto the lawn.    The taller grass is where the run was - the grass is lush and green and totally weed free - what a huge difference - I am seriously thinking of moving the run around on the lawns this year so that the chooks get to do the weeding and fertilising and the scarifying!
Somewhere in the garden, there always seems to be a surprise of colour
Here are some helebores

I love their freckles

And there are such a variety of colours too.

The snow drops are so dainty and I always wonder why how they survive the bad winter weather

These have popped up in the newly sown lawned area.

The strawberries have gone crazy over the autumn and winter

I am going to have to thin them out

They seem to flourish in the hemcore which came from the chicken run

It was rather harder work than I thought digging up the 2nd year seedlings

I did do quite a lot - and I'll be taking them up the allotment tomorrow if it doesn't rain

They have been thinned out so are looking better

I still have quite a lot more to do though despite thinning them out here

The bantams wore themselves out scratching around in the fruit cage with me, so went off  to clean themselves up and have a rest.

Gozzie has lots of energy so she decided to have a dig and get some more worms from another raised bed

Where the rhubarb plants are breaking through and looking full of energy.  We are still eating fruit mixes which I cooked last year, of rhubarb, gooseberry, black currants, etc.

 I took the temporary fencing down and dug over the raised salad beds which are outside my garden studio - then put the fencing back - we get rabbits in our garden, and of course the chooks would love to have a scratch on it.
I raked the leaves and swept the lawns and run my little mower over them.

They look rather good after the winter we have had - and much better without the leaves and debris

 I stayed off this area of lawn as its the seeded patch.
This is the 'after' photo of the very first one posted.  It certainly has made a big difference and removing all the leaves and twigs etc and mowing it, was worth all the effort

The chooks found lots of insects after I had mowed

It was so nice to just sit and relax and watch them

I could sit there for hours!


  1. That clearly shows the power of chicken manure :)

    Love the pictures of the escapee strawberries - it's like a little army scattering from the fort!

  2. Can't beat chicken manure! I'm sure my toms wouldn't do half as well without it!
    Nice to see the chooks.

    Sandie xx

  3. Your conservatory really does look the part. I mowed my lawn today it needed doing because it had grown quickly due to the warm weather.. We in County Durham are usually 3 weeks plus behind the south with our gardens but not this year

  4. I dug up all my strawberries, sadly, I shall miss them. but they weren't doing well! Your chooks look lovely and happy, super to see they don't dig everything up.


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