Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the garden - on a sunny spring morning....

It was such a lovely morning, that I slapped on the sunscreen and jacket and sun hat and spent some time in the garden

It always looks so sad after the winter, before the weather warms up so that the plants can recover from the snow.
 Whilst I was working, the banties took the opportunity to soak up some sunshine and have a doze.
Snow white Willow was really sound asleep and looks like a fluffly snow ball

Maudie is almost camouflaged on the left of Daisy

 I love seeing them flaked out in the sunshine - so peaceful and contented
If you have visited my blog before, you'll know that last year we had the garden room built on the back of the lounge.  It meant removing a long raised bed, and getting rid of the big fish pond - but it was the right decision for me.  We sowed some grass seed in the Autumn and had to cover it with netting, and canes to keep the birds off.  Although looking rather sad from the snow and bad weather, the seed germinated and is starting to grow so I removed all the netting etc - it looked so untidy.

And it had flattened with all the snow, so the birds, and chooks if they wished, could just walk all over it anyway.

This side has done pretty well which is a surprise as it's shady, and despite all my clearing up the leaves from next doors' shrubs shed their leaves all winter.

In a few months time this will look green and lush and you won't even notice the join!
This is one of Kath's beds which has been flowering all winter, although a lot of the perennials have died back.

There are penstemons still in bud

Even after all the snow we have had - amazing.
That's all for now - more tomorrow

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  1. Aaah, lovely to see the chooks!

    My sister still has penstemons ('Sour Grapes') in bloom too.

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  2. It's definately worth making use of this sunny spell whilst it lasts. Heard a rumour there may be frost again next week! :0(

    Lovely to see the banties!



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