Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 5.75 hrs He: 3hrs

What a difference a day makes - 24 little hours.  I wonder who wrote that song - its the only line I know from it!

Mr Lottie joined me today as he wanted a bonfire.   I gently steered him away from that idea as I really needed a bit of help today.  The weather was damp and cold, it looked like rain - that sort of thing.

Just a reminder that this blog is primarily just a way of recording the hours I put in up the plot, and how it looks over a year etc.   It's nice to look back in the middle of  the winter when snowed in - to have a reminder of the achievements (or not) the previous year.

 Our allotments are in a field on the edge of the village - a bit of a raggle taggle 'shanty' type place! (The allotments, not the village)
It's always windy and often wild.  The winter, as usual took it's toll on the fences - that's why these are propped up at the moment in a bid to keep out the rabbits, deer, dogs, and suchlike.  First thing we did today was to pull up the rubber mat which was laid right along the middle - where the bare patch is.  With Mr Lottie's help we moved it to another section further down the plot - but more of that another day.   It's a work in progress.
I made a start on weeding the bed which runs along the ramshackle fence.  I planted more fruit bushes, and cuttings here.

It's edged with wood and Mr Lottie took over whilst I barrowed more shredded wood to the fruit cage.

Doesn't it look a right mess - a work in progress though.  We had to weed this too.

A candid camera photo of me - looking rather tubby as I am wearing 2 pairs of trousers - waterproofs on top of nice ones.  Two jumpers, and a thick jacket - there is always a cold wind up there.
 It truly was backbreaking work - but at least the soil was wet and soft and easy to dig
The canes you can see with little yoghurt pots on top (to prevent me poking a eye out) are where there are rhubarb plants.  As soon as their leaves grow I'll pull the canes out as they will be easy to see.

I worked myself to a standstill barrowing and spreading all those woodchips in the fruit plot, and it should suppress all the weeds.  I wanted to do this to make it more manageable for me as I can only spend a limited of time outdoors - especially if there is any sunshine.

I have managed to shift about two thirds of the pile I reckon

The next time, hopefully, I will be able to move the rest.
I even managed to cover the 'nursery' fruit cuttings bed that Mr L weeded for me, and more besides.
We are due lots of rain over the weekend so I'll be spending it indoors experimenting with some polymer clay


  1. Well done! That looked like a lot of hard labour to me! Wouldn't the Chooks like a rummage through that in a couple of months' time, when it's full of critters?!

    I think I have the same jacket as yours, but much,much larger!

    Got some seeds from Aldi today,4 pkts @ 39p a packet, if they are as good as Wilkos' seeds I will be very happy. Just have to wait for the next 'payday' to buy some seed sowing compost, although I would have liked to have started sowing some seeds this weekend.

    Have fun with the polymer clay!

    Sandie xx

  2. Good grief, you are busy! How do you find time to craft?

  3. My goodness you have done alot, well done you. Its so nice getting out into the garden again. I am in the greenhouse which is just as fun x


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