Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's update - more new arrivals

I have always wanted Sebright bantams, but they are so hard to get hold of and so expensive.   I have been looking for some for years. 

Yesterday I had a stroke of luck.  I was talking to the breeder from whom I bought my gorgeous modern game birds, and he remembered the name of a top breeder of Sebrights. 

I managed to find him in the phone book, spoke to his son - and went to see him last night.

And here is what I came home with

A gorgeous golden Sebright bantam

And a silver one. She has her tail down as she is eating.  She has a couple of
feathers missing as the cockerel she was with got a bit enthusiastic.
Spring must be in the air!  The feathers will soon grow back.

These photos were taken at 8am this morning - when I let them out - so are a bit dull.

The bantams are all happily scratching away at their breakfast

At the moment there is no chasing around sorting out the pecking order

But I am sure there
 is bound to be at some point
Can you see the cabbage hanging up ?
They have eaten half of it since the weekend.

With all the snow around I have been substituting their diet with plenty of greens

Daisy conveniently decides to show you how she eats it!
Normally they would be out freeranging from dawn until dusk

At the moment they are confined to barracks until Wednesday
so that the new bantam babes get used to where they live and
will know where in the garden their home is to go to roost.

Sebrights on the ground, Partridge Modern Game bird on the ladder

Cute - aren't they!

I just have to choose five names for the new bantam babes now!

Thank you Phillip for letting me buy the Sebrights - and for such a bargain price.


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    wow the new recruits look totally gorgeous....I bet they'll give you much joy and the odd chuckle!

  2. Oh joy!! Delightful!
    I adore Indian game bantams and have one left of three, such a personality!!

  3. Wow Lottie they are lovely.What beautiful colours they are. How long do your birds actually live for? I know nothing about them but thery are all lovely. Hugs xChrisB


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