Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The right to roam! Egg Total: 3

I was out all morning, but when I came home lunchtime the sun was shining - the first time it has shone for any length of time this year - so I decided that today was the day I would let all the bantams out.  I should have left it until tomorrow or maybe Thursday, but I figured that they might not be as bright as me, so wouldn't know they were being let out early.

First out were the old girls, Daisy, Gozzie in the middle, Scrabble at the top
They were out of the run, like athletes out of their starting blocks.
They flew and ran hell for leather to their favourite spot.

Next out was Twiggy, and Lola, followed by Zola
All three of them jumped out, stood in a row and flapped their wings.
They made lovely little noises and got more and more excited and started practising vertical take-offs, like Harrier Jump Jets.

And ran and flew to join the others.  Twiggy is doing a happy little jig

They has such a great time expoloring.  They scratched about on the flower beds and tasted some new sprouting leaves.

Zola: Look mother hen, don't I look handsome!
Me:  Don't be silly Zola - that's not you in a mirror - it's Lola looking at you!

Twiggy: What's in here mother hen?
Me: Well Peckingham Palace used to be in there, but I have moved it out onto the patio, now I am going to use it for my strawberry plants and salads - so the rabbits can't get them.

Oh they had such fun exploring all the garden, the woodland areas, around my studio, behind my studio, even around the garage.  Scrabble joined them and did a good job of showing them all the best areas for worms
Meanwhile the two little Sebrights were still in the run deciding what to do.
The silver one, yet to be named by our youngest granddaughter, was walking up and down on the wooden 'doorstep' trying to pluck up courage to jump.
She kept cocking her head and looking down to the patio, and then walking up and down flapping her wings, then repeating the process.  It was as if she was saying 'My that's a steep step down to the patio.  I'll jump down in a minute.  Right here goes, I'll flap my wings and fly now.  Erm. O.K. next time I will do it.  She was making happy chirruping noises then all of a sudden she jumped!
Landed, flapped her wings and called out to Poppy the golden Sebright, named  by Luke my four year old grandson.  We were all surprised that he didn't call her Power Ranger!

They soon joined the triplets on the gravel path

And scratched about in the leaves, pecking at bugs

It was obvious by the sounds they were making that they were so very happy

When the triplets went off exploring, Poppy and 'silver' didn't feel so adventurous

So after a little discussion they decided to pop back into Peckingham Palace's garden

They had a quick look around then flew back inside

They had a whale of a time having the place to themselves.
They rolled around in the hemcore, they dug out dustbaths and
flicked the hemcore all over them

The silver Sebright is looking around guiltily - but it's OK to scoff the cabbage whilst the others are out.

This is what it looked like yesterday when I brought it back from the allotment!

They all spent a wonderful afternoon and were reluctant to go back inside until it was dusk.
I went and checked up on them, and counted how many there were in the Peckingham Palace bedroom.
Shock horror - there were only seven,
I picked each one up and stroked them and saw that it was Scrabble who was missing!
I searched the garden high and low and eventually found her, and popped her into bed too.

I am glad they had such a brilliant time today, as the weather forecast for the rest of the week is dreadful!


  1. What a wonderful day they had,such fun and games!More tomorrow?
    Have to tell you my word verification was 'bonfowl',struck me as amusing anyway!

  2. Hi Lottie
    Lovely new chookies!
    I hope your weather isn't too bad for the rest of the week...maybe I should send you some of our summer heat!

  3. What a fantastic post Lottie! I LOVE those Seabrights, especially Power Ra...errr..I mean Poppy. What stunning markings they have.
    lol @ the 'mirror' photo (theyre so comical)and the Lindford Christie sprinting photo with Twiggy doing her road runner impression. A great read!

  4. Sounds like they had a great time , lovely pictures. They all look really settled and know where they will be loved and looked after. Looks like you had a brilliant time too having fun watching them. Hugsx ChrisB

  5. They look gorgeous and as if they thoroughly enjoyed their spring outing.

    Love Poppy, she is my favourite I think.



  6. What an adventure your girls went on. I had no idea you have this blog also. Thank you for sharing your beauties. Keep shining sun...

  7. I love your chooks!They are very colourful and comical!


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